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Employer’s Rights In A Wrongful Termination Case

It’s never easy to part ways with an employee, but the situation can become more complex when the employee attempts to pursue a wrongful termination case. In the vast majority of Florida employment situations, employers and employees have an “at-will” relationship. This gives the employer the right to alter the conditions and term of the employment at any time, without notice, and for any reason.

There are certain situations in which the “at-will” arrangement does not apply, but they are rare.  A union collective bargaining agreement, an employment contract that outlines other protections and rights, and civil serve regulations that govern the work of public employees are all examples of situations where the employee does not serve at the will of the employer.

There are also several federal and state regulations and laws that prohibit an employer from taking certain actions regardless of whether the employee is classified at will. This refers to workplace discrimination based on a protected class, attempting to obtain workers’ compensation benefits, complaints about sexual harassment, and reacting to an employee who has engaged in whistleblowing activity.

If you have been accused of wrongful termination, collect any documents related to the employee’s performance at work and share them with a wrongful termination defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale. Planning ahead can be crucial for the success of your case.

Unless you, as the employer, have violated bargaining agreements or discrimination laws regarding a protected class, you have rights when an employee alleges wrongful termination. Disgruntled employees may want to take to you to court and tarnish your reputation with false allegations, which is why it’s essential to hire your own Fort Lauderdale wrongful termination defense attorney. Don’t let a legitimate termination destroy you and your business.