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Employment Discrimination Claims: How To Protect Your Business

Employment Discrimination Claims Have The Potential To Permanently Damage The Reputation Of A Business.
These claims are expensive to fight, and may bring unwanted publicity to the business. Although it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of having an employee file a discrimination claim, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of employment discrimination claims in Palm Beach, Florida.

Conduct Regular Employee Trainings

Conducting mandatory training sessions for all of the employees in your business will demonstrate intolerance for discrimination. Trainings that focus on the significance of diversity, respect in the workplace, types of harassment, and prohibited behaviors will sensitize your employees to the effects of workplace discrimination. This training will also make your expectations clear to your employees. They will know that discrimination in the workplace will not be tolerated. Should a discrimination claim arise, you will be able to demonstrate that you took these preventive measures.

Enforce Zero Tolerance Policies

A zero-tolerance policy in your business will establish the principle that all employees who violate workplace rules will be disciplined in the same manner. When an employer is able to prove that there is uniform punishment across the board, it is more difficult for an employee to claim that some sort of discrimination has occurred. Of course, these policies must be regularly enforced to be effective.

Keep Detailed Records

Written warnings and thorough employee review records make a major difference when an employee claims that he or she was discriminated against. Every time an employee commits a violation of workplace rules, make a note of the date and the violation that occurred. By showing that there were legitimate reasons to reprimand or terminate an employee, such as lateness, a lack of professionalism, or failing to perform job duties, the discrimination claim becomes weaker.