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How To Handle Being Accused Of Workplace Discrimination

The term workplace discrimination might seem a bit broad, and that’s because the legal cases that fall into this category are known for being complex. If you have been accused of discriminating against someone in the workplace, you need to protect your interests by hiring a Florida workplace discrimination attorney.

Being accused of workplace discrimination is a serious matter. The Florida laws about workplace discrimination are quite clear, and if your employee or former employer has exaggerated their claims, you need to protect your rights in court. Cases where an employee alleges discrimination as a result of work ethic or personality, for example, do not meet the legal guidelines for a workplace discrimination suit.

This is because employers maintain discretion over pay for employees, so unless your pay guidelines discriminate against a protected class, a lawsuit over salary and pay may not have any merit in court.

The law protects individuals from being discriminated against with regard to their sexual preference (although this depends on your exact area), veteran’s status, disability, race, age, sex, national origin, creed, and religion. Discrimination laws are in place to help reduce the opportunity for employers to deny individuals equal opportunity in the workplace. An employee must have evidence that discrimination occurred as a result of membership in a protected class.

As a business owner or manager, your reputation is on the line in a workplace discrimination case. Take any allegations seriously by hiring an experienced Florida workplace discrimination defense attorney. The law protects certain classes of individuals in the workplace, but the law also protects employers who are wrongfully accused of workplace discrimination. If you have an employee that has taken a claim too far, contact a Florida workplace discrimination defense attorney as soon as possible.