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Next Steps For An Employer Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Being accused of sexual harassment in the workplace should never be taken lightly; even the presence of a case itself can harm your reputation. If an employee alleges that you have engaged in sexually harassing behavior, your next steps are crucial for a possible legal case but also for your own peace of mind.

If you have been accused, do not joke about the matter. An employee must be able to demonstrate four things in order for a sexual harassment case in Ft. Lauderdale to be successful: that the employee was subjected to conduct that was sexual in nature, that the conduct was not welcomed by that employee, that the conduct persisted in a pervasive or severe manner, and that the continued sexual harassment altered employment conditions to create a discriminatory, abusive working environment.

An employer who has been accused does have rights in a Ft. Lauderdale sexual harassment case. If you have exercised reasonable care to correct any behavior falling under the category of sexual harassment and/or if you made reasonable efforts in this manner and the employee failed to take advantage of them, you need to provide documentation of such to your sexual harassment defense attorney immediately.

Evidence and protocol are key in a sexual harassment defense case. A disgruntled employee may believe that he or she will easily be able to accuse you of sexual harassment, but being able to show communication reports about sexual harassment, trainings or other behavior implemented by management to address any sexual harassment, and manuals discussing company management of such an allegation may all be crucial to your case.

A sexual harassment case can impact an employer’s reputation for years to come; contact a sexual harassment defense attorney in Ft. Lauderdale today to protect yourself.