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Potential reasons for neighbor disputes

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2024 | Alternative Dispute Resolution

In some cases, disputes with neighbors aren’t anything serious. Maybe a dog barks too much or the neighbor doesn’t mow their lawn often enough. These issues can lead to little conflicts.

But there are also cases in which neighbor disputes are very significant. Let’s take a look at some of these more serious issues that may require more advanced resolution tactics – such as working with a third-party neutral.

Damage to the property

First of all, your neighbor may be actively damaging your property, impacting its value. This could happen with water runoff issues, for example, or if the neighbor takes active steps to harm your property – such as cutting down trees that are on your side of the property line.

Boundary disputes

Many disputes involve boundary lines. For example, your neighbor may be constructing a fence or building a new garage. You believe that the construction is too close to the property line or even on your side. This may violate building codes or impede how you can use your own property.

Security issues 

In the modern era, many people have cameras in their homes. A common example of this is a doorbell camera. But these can sometimes cause conflicts between neighbors. For example, what should you do if your neighbor puts up a new security camera that points over the fence into your backyard?

All disputes do have resolutions. You just need to know what steps to take as you work through the process. It may help to have an experienced legal team on your side as you explore your options, and you may want to consider arbitration so that you and your neighbor can avoid the complexities and conflicts of litigation.