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Conflict Resolution And Mediator

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Approved Dispute Resolution is a workplace law firm that is focused on employment law solutions and mediation for businesses. We concentrate on helping business owners with practical, cost-effective solutions to their employment, labor law, contract, business, and non-compete legal needs. We partner with employers to address their conflict resolution issues as they relate to compensation and benefits, wages, human resources, handbooks and contracts, compliance, risk management, and training.

Managing employees is a challenging task, even for experienced employers that take care to follow best employment practices. Regardless of your business size or your legal exposure, having a firm like Approved Dispute Resolution on your side to help you with conflict resolution and dispute resolution can mean the difference between your business’ failure or success.

As any workplace law firm knows, counsel and litigation services for small businesses can end up being a significant portion of your operating budget. We know how to protect your assets through effective conflict resolution methods that we implement to safeguard your business from costly and drawn-out litigation that can take a toll on your finances, your company morale, and your customer satisfaction. We can help you take proactive, conflict resolution measures that can greatly minimize the impact employee legal disputes can have on your company and give you a solid foundation for challenging unwarranted claims.

When employment litigation is unavoidable, Approved Dispute Resolution is available to provide you with the focused representation you need, when you need it. We have extensive experience defending both private and public employers from the full scope of litigation claims that can occur, including claims and litigation brought before federal and state agencies, boards, and trial and appellate courts.