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Employment Attorney Mediator And Mediation Lawyer In Tampa And The Surrounding Areas

How To Resolve Disputes Through Employment Mediation And Avoid The Negative Consequences Of Litigation

At Approved Dispute Resolution, our experienced employment attorney mediators provide Tampa businesses looking to settle workplace disputes outside of the courtroom, avoiding costly litigation. Founded by seasoned employment mediation lawyer, Lori Adelson Esq., we bring decades of experience to the table, enabling us to successfully meditate even the most litigious and hostile workplace disputes in Tampa.

Lori Adelson Esq., has over 20 years of workplace dispute resolution expertise, including federal litigation and trial experience related to workplace employment law, civil rights, discrimination, and more. With experience as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Circuit and U.S. District Court for the Southern and Middle Districts of Florida certified mediator, Lori Adelson Esq., is prepared to mediate workplace conflicts no matter how complex. Contact us today to speak with our team about hiring an employment attorney mediator in Florida.


Employment Mediation Services In Tampa

No matter what your business may be, we are prepared to give you a hand when workplace disputes arise. With a team skilled in employment mediation, we help businesses of all sizes and trades settle conflicts outside of the courtroom. We handle disputes including but not limited to:

  • Employment discrimination
  • Harassment
  • ADA public compliance
  • Employment policy
  • Workforce compliance
  • Disability and medical leave
  • Trade secrets

Employment Attorney-Mediator Serving Tampa And The Surrounding Areas

When you work with an employment mediation lawyer from Approved Dispute Resolution, you can expect a skilled, neutral, and experienced fact-finding lawyer that stops at nothing to mediate workplace disputes. Here are a few of the key benefits to working with our employment mediation lawyers:

  • Experience: We are experienced employment mediation lawyers with extensive knowledge of workplace law and negotiation methodologies.
  • Diversity: Our team has experience mediating conflicts for a wide range of industries including business, finance, hospitality, manufacturing industries, and more!
  • Efficiency: Our employment attorney mediators settle workplace conflicts efficiently, in most cases within a single day.

Tampa is located in Hillsborough County, Florida. Tourism, health care, finance, insurance, technology, construction, and the maritime industry are the driving force behind Tampa’s economy. The bay port is responsible for over $15 billion in economic impact and is the largest port in the state. Tampa is well known for its roots in Italy and Cuba. With plenty of shopping and dining options as well, it is a popular location for both businesses and residents alike.