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Employment Mediation Services In Florida

What Is Employment Mediation?

Employment mediation services encompass a wide range of services that help two parties, typically employers and employees, resolve conflicts without the need for courtroom litigation. Acting as a neutral, fact-finding, third-party agent, an employment mediation attorney can facilitate communication between both parties to settle disputes and come to agreeable solutions for both parties.

When you require employment mediation services in Florida, Approved Dispute Resolution is there for you.

With the goal of steering you away from unnecessary and costly employment litigation, our team, led by experienced attorney and mediator Lori Adelson Esq., is prepared to help employers settle disputes efficiently through successful mediation and arbitration. Schedule a mediation today or get in touch with our team to learn more about employment mediation services for your Florida business or organization.


Employment Mediation In Florida: The Pros And Cons

If you are curious about employment mediation services, here are some of the top pros and cons of hiring a mediator for a workplace dispute:


  • Privacy: Mediation is a confidential process that keeps workplace conflicts confidential.
  • Efficiency: Mediation is a much more efficient and affordable option when compared to litigation.
  • Flexibility: Employment mediation services offer flexible solutions that meet both sides’ needs.


  • Workplace mediation does not always work out, especially when one or both parties are not willing to come to an agreeable compromise. In these cases, litigation may then be necessary to come to a resolution.

Employment Attorney-Mediator In Florida

At Approved Dispute Resolution, we provide businesses with employment attorney mediators in Florida. With the goal of mediating conflicts outside of the courtroom, we save you time, money, and headaches on costly employment litigation that can empty your wallet and tarnish your reputation.

Specializing in a wide range of dispute resolution services in Florida, our employment attorney mediators assist with a range of workplace law disputes such as workplace policy, employment discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and more. Get in touch with us today to speak with an employment attorney mediator for your Florida business!

Florida is a scenic and tranquil state known for its beaches and theme parks that draw in over 100 million tourists per year. From Miami and Orlando to Key West and more, there is plenty to do and see in Florida. But not only is the Sunshine State a hub for tourists, but it is also the third most populous state in the nation, making Florida an ideal place to work, start a business, and establish a thriving life. Florida is also known for having the largest population of retirees in the nation with over 19% of the state’s population 65-plus years of age. While living in Florida can often feel like paradise, workplace conflicts and disputes still occur. Do you need a lawyer for help with employment mediation? Reach out today to learn more about all of your options, before litigation begins.