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If you need a professional and reliable mediator in Tampa, Florida, Approved Dispute Resolution is here to help. Whether you are dealing with workplace claims, need an employer defense attorney for mediation to avoid litigation, or are looking for help with other conflict resolution needs, we are here for you. You need an experienced mediation lawyer with unmatched problem-solving skills to carefully unravel the facts and open doors for realistic solutions.

Led by mediator attorney Lori Adelson, Esq. with over 20 years of experience offering successful mediation, we have the knowledge needed to navigate conflicts, disputes, and workplace claims. Our goal is to lead you to ideal solutions that avoid costly litigation. Contact us today to schedule a mediation.


Mediation In Tampa For Conflict Resolution

No matter how much you want to fight your case, we can provide you with better solutions. You do not want to go to court.

We are here to help if you need mediation to lead you away from costly litigation and handle successful conflict resolution. Serving Tampa and the surrounding areas, our mediators have ample experience assisting employers, businesses, organizations, and individuals to completely avoid litigation by using mediation to resolve disputes. Approved Dispute Resolution can also assist attorneys and individuals seeking to resolve their existing litigation through mediation and arbitration.

Mediation Lawyer For Tampa Businesses

The diversity of the modern workplace makes for unique workplace cultures that are composed of the many subcultures that make it whole. However, with this diversity comes a unique set of challenges. From discrimination to retaliation claims and more, there are several workplace issues that require the assistance of a mediator.

Not sure if you need a mediation lawyer? If you are dealing with any of the following workplace claims or disputes and seeking to avoid litigation, then it may be time to give us a call to step in for mediation services:

Mediation In Tampa

As a prominent part of the Gulf Coast, Tampa is a vibrant and diverse city that is not only known as a tourist destination but a wonderful place to work and live. Offering aquariums, museums, shops, and fine dining, Tampa lacks no options in outdoor and indoor entertainment. Whether you are just passing through, you call Tampa home, or you work in this beautiful city, Tampa is a great place to be.

At Approved Dispute Resolution, we are proud to offer professional mediation to Tampa. Specializing in dispute resolution for businesses, our mediators have extensive experience offering mediation for workplace claims. Offering you neutral fact-finding services, our mediation lawyers get to the bottom of issues efficiently so you can have peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a mediator attorney for conflict resolution in the workplace.