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Approved Dispute Resolution: Mediator Offering Conflict And Dispute Resolution Services In Palm Beach County, Florida

Approved Dispute Resolution is an employment law and dispute resolution legal firm that is proud to serve clients in Palm Beach County. This is a truly beautiful area of the country that many people would describe as a multifaceted tropical paradise. It is a great place to live, work, and play, and it is a magnet for tourists and new residents who are eager to experience the South Florida way of life. Palm Beach County is also a fantastic place to operate a business, because lawmakers have always endeavored to provide a business-friendly environment that sets Florida apart from other technologically advanced states. We assist business owners and corporate decision-makers in Boca Raton, Palm Beach proper, and the other communities that comprise this vibrant county.

When you are structuring your business, you have a myriad of legal issues that you have to contend with, and you may not have an in-house legal team. This is an area that we specialize in here at Approved Dispute Resolution. We can obtain an understanding of the type of business that you are in, evaluate the size, scope, and potential liabilities, and provide you with the appropriate recommendations. Our Palm Beach legal firm can help you understand wage and hour compliance, employment contracts and non-compete agreements, workers’ compensation laws, discrimination statutes, and many other legal nuances. We can also help you create an employee handbook that spells out your company’s policies, and we can create the necessary legally binding forms that you will require employees to sign. If your business is structured appropriately from the beginning, and you maintain your policies diligently, you can avoid employee disputes in the future.

However, there is recourse for you if you are involved in some type of dispute with members of your staff. We have a vast level of expertise in the Palm Beach/Boca Raton conflict resolution arena. Our firm provides mediation services, and a good mediator can simplify the complexities and facilitate a dispute resolution that is satisfactory to all interested parties. When you engage us to put our conflict resolution skills to work for your company, in many cases, you can avoid costly litigation. However, when litigation is unavoidable, we can be retained to vigorously advocate your interests in the courtroom.

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