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Whether it is for a key employee, short-term employment or an independent contractor, employment and consulting contracts play an important role in governing the relationship between your company and staff. In fact, these contracts can offer mutual benefits to the employer, as well as the employee. From defining compensation and identifying the rights to work, to outlining all confidentiality and non-compete rights, employment and consulting contracts are designed to detail the important terms of the employment relationship.

In many cases, employment and consulting contracts act as a type of insurance for your business, shielding your assets, safeguarding any trade secrets or confidential company information, and protecting you from wrongful termination or other potential employment issues. When creating these documents, it is important to work with an established workplace law firm, like Approved Dispute ResolutionSM – HR Law PRO. We have the experience and resources to ensure that your contracts are thoroughly defined, clearly worded and in agreement with, and enforceable by local, state, and federal laws.

If your business utilizes independent contractors, Approved Dispute ResolutionSM – HR Law PRO can also help you draft and execute the independent contractor documents necessary for protecting your business and your peace of mind. Employment and consulting contracts are crucial for defining a worker’s status as an independent contractor and avoiding any confusion of misclassification of the employment terms. In addition, independent contractor agreements are crucial for limiting the company’s liability for the work or actions performed by the independent contractor.

At Approved Dispute ResolutionSM – HR Law PRO, we are experienced in the creation, review, and revision of all types of employment and consulting contracts for businesses of all sizes and scopes, across a wide spectrum of industries. In the event of an employment dispute, we can use your contracts as a point of negotiation in finding a resolution. If necessary, we have the ability to enforce or defend your contracts in state or federal court. If you are unsure of whether employment and consulting contracts are necessary for your particular situation, or if you need guidance on whether to classify a worker as a company employee or independent contractor, let Approved Dispute ResolutionSM – HR Law PRO be your resource.

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