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Human Resources Law Counsel Services

While TV and movies would have us think personnel is as easy as saying “You’re Hired!” or “You’re Fired!” doing so in today’s environment would land you in court!

When looking at the top lawsuits for companies, they often include:

  • Not meeting outlined salary or bonuses
  • Discrimination complaints including gender, sex, or race
  • Contractual obligations
  • Workplace injury
  • Non-salaried employee compensation
  • Harassment

Having the right processes and procedures can help put your organization in the right position to avoid problems as well as litigation. We help companies of all sizes throughout Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami, Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, and surrounding areas

Employment discrimination defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale reviewing hiring documentsHuman Resources Law Audits

Let’s start out by making sure everything is set up correctly. We are experts when it comes to workplace and human resources law compliance audits. A full investigation includes examining payroll systems, workflow systems and more. We identify the holes to bring you up to compliance as well as the follow-up to correct any issues such as revising contracts or right sizing your workforce.

Sometimes an audit will consist of a full investigation of an organization’s workplace and human resources law compliance in terms of a certain case in litigation. This is where the benefit of an HR law firm works for your team to find the right evidence and documentation of how your organization has complied with workplace law.

Human Resources Law Counseling Services

Approved Dispute Resolution – HR Law PRO takes our years of law experience, knowledge of common practices and issues, and human resources counseling services to create the safe and secure HR environment for your organization to operate within the law. No more hoping your processes are ok or using outdated practices. No more failing by practices inherited by previous HR management.

Employee Record Keeping

Hiring Process – We will look at the background investigation, documents, protective clauses, and risks. We make sure your documents include all expectations and company policies.

Employee Files and Record Keeping – Are essential files missing on employees? Were some employees hired before current policies and requirements went into place? We will complete an audit on what needs to be updated and what is need for a complete file.

Discipline and Termination – Here is one area you must absolutely keep records on every interaction, with back-up documentation. Any major source of litigation, including wrongful termination, requires files to have the right documentation to protect your company.

Company Compliance

Documentation – An organization’s manuals and handbooks are your shield that protects for your organization. Employees know policies, where to turn in needs of reporting a grievance, and various other information including bonuses and benefits.

Organizational Charts and Job Description – How have departments changed and who reports to who? Does an employee work for one manager “on paper” but does work for another? Are some positions redundant? Has right-sizing changed an employee’s job description, or can they claim they were asked to do work outside their job description. We understand organizations and jobs change and evolve. Your descriptions need to reflect these changes.

Union Agreements – You will hear about large companies threatened to be unionized. These groups have large and powerful organizers on their sides. How can you protect your organization’s interests? If you have current unions you work with, what is your exposure and future bargaining interests?


Non-exempt vs. Exempt – This can become a large area of contention. One exempt employee claims their job matched a non-exempt position and they should be compensated for overtime. Another finds they were promoted to a managerial position but never given the salary or bonuses. Similar disputes can happen in Independent Contractor classification. The wrong classification can cost hundreds of thousands in back pay.

Salary and Bonuses – Make sure the guidelines for making bonuses were agreed upon and outlined correctly. This is another area prone to lawsuits and the right documentation can make a difference.

Worktime Distinction – Does worktime start when they arrive in the building or at an agreed time? Does getting equipment ready count as work time? We’ll go over your pay practices to ensure they are within legal and protective guidelines.

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Case Study:

Human Resources Law Counsel Services

We were asked to audit a small accounting firm after they were sold to a larger organization. We uncovered numerous errors in the employee files including missing records, incomplete hiring records and missing grievance notices on employees that had been let go.

We also discovered there was not an employee manual and employees had been making their own decisions on dress code, workplace behavior and expenses. While some issues had been uncovered during the initial evaluation, we uncovered many holes that could have left the company up to liability, therefore lowering change of noncompliance, and saving the company time and money was part of the outcome.


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