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2 things to consider when facing a business dispute

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Alternative Dispute Resolution

You are unlikely to survive your entire business career without experiencing at least one dispute. It could be with an employee, or it could be with someone you contract services from or provide services to. Regardless of who it is, such issues can cause a real headache. They might even make you wish you had never gone into business at all.

It’s easy to take a problem as a personal insult, yet typically that will not help you find a good solution. If you did do something wrong, the other person might also have taken your actions as a personal sleight, so you can soon have a situation where things escalate far beyond the original issue.

That’s where a third party can come in. Having an experienced mediator intervene can help you both step back and take the heat out of the situation. It can make it less about personal offense and more about finding a solution that works for both.

Your mediator can help you look at things objectively

A mediator can help you step back and take another look. For example, they may help you consider things like:

  • Was one of us wrong in some way? Are both of us understanding the contract terms or laws correctly? Legal documents can be confusing, so getting help to clarify the situation allows you both to start from an informed position rather than a misinformed one.
  • What does this relationship mean to us? Do we want to keep it or end it? A dispute with a valued employee might lead you to be more generous in making amends than one where you would be best getting rid of them for good.

Having an experienced mediator help you resolve a business dispute allows you to make the correct decision for your company.