Approved Dispute ResolutionSM – HR Law PRO Provides Mediation, Arbitration Conflict Management and Workplace Law Solutions

Managing employees is a challenging task, even for experienced employers that take care to follow best employment practices.

Employer defense attorney in Miami, FL, discussing employment litigation with clients

Regardless of your size or legal exposure, having Approved Dispute Resolution – HR Law PRO efficiently help and effectively guide you with your workplace law compliance, training, and conflict resolution can mean the difference between your business’ failure or success.

Approved Dispute Resolution – HR Law PRO understands the financial and emotional burdens of drawn-out lawsuits, and where possible, try to steer a clear path toward a beneficial resolution.

Many employment and business disputes are best resolved outside the courtroom. Our strategies at Approved Dispute Resolution – HR Law PRO not only help you meet your needs to solve legal issues efficiently and cost-effectively, that our strategies are good for business as well.

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Approved Dispute ResolutionSM – HR Law PRO
assists with practical, cost-effective solutions without litigation, that include:


Conflict Resolution, Mediation & Arbitrator

Lori Adelson Esq. of Approved Dispute Resolution
– HR Law PRO

Ms. Adelson brings her vast experience and skills as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Circuit, United States District Court Southern and Middle District Certified mediator and neutral fact-finder in the areas of labor, employment, business, and contract disputes.

Ms. Adelson believes in helping people engage constructively in all phases of the conflict process and navigate conflict successfully, through mediation, arbitration, risk mitigation, and by providing litigation avoidance solutions.

Ms. Adelson is very conversant in the concerns of both plaintiffs and defendants, as well as both employers and employees. Ms. Adelson is especially effective with hostile and litigious parties because of her over 20 years of state and federal litigation and trial experience as a lawyer handling employment law, discrimination, civil rights, labor law and business dispute cases.

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Lori Adelson of Approved Dispute Resolution - HR Law PRO

Why Choose Approved Dispute ResolutionSM
for Mediation Services?

Ms. Adelson is a creative thinker and has a proven track record of negotiating and resolving these types of cases. An employment law, labor or business dispute can easily take two to seven years to wind its way through the courts. Mediation has the potential to be completed in a day. Effective mediation of employment, labor and business law disputes has the potential to provide what the courtroom cannot which Ms. Adelson calls the four Cs:





Available to serve anywhere in the United States on mediation, arbitration, settlement negotiations, neutral fact-finding, or legal guidance on ways to prevent litigation in employment settings. Learn more about how your employment law dispute can benefit from the assistance of a neutral third-party fact finder or mediator by contacting Approved Dispute Resolution – HR Law PRO

  • Lori is a great mediator

    She helped me resolve a case where all the parties and the lawyers were being as difficult as it can be. She dealt with all of us patiently and professionally and kept control at all times. We were able to resolve the case because of her. I ...

    - Juliana Gonzalez

  • Lori is an excellent mediator.

    She is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

    - Barry Postman

  • I am an attorney and have used Lori as a mediator.

    She is fair, tough, and gets the job done. I look forward to working with Lori in the future and regularly recommend her to mediate for other attorneys.

    - Jon Minick

  • Brilliant and compassionate

    I highly recommend Lori for any labor and employment disputes and resolutions. She is knowledgeable and caring. She was able to advise and represent our company with cost effective labor, employment, and business legal needs. Her experience was apparent as she provided counseling, training, and resolution. Lori is a pleasure ...

    - Valued Client

  • I would absolutely recommend Lori without hesitation… for any matter.

    I recommended Lori to a business partner to handle some previous labor issues. We were so impressed with her expertise and knowledge, we asked her to spearhead a new venture that entailed a variety of challenges and variables. Lori handled them all in stride, was completely accessible at all times ...

    - Andie Viele,


    Viele Consulting Group

  • Lori is a true authority when it comes to employment law.

    I have had the privilege of working with Lori for almost five years. She has handled and is still handling all of our employment issues. As a CFO, I need to be able to lean on key people in my circle, and Lori has always done a great job ...

    - Chris ONeal, CPA

  • Lori has been instrumental in helping us grow with proper attention to HR and regulatory matters.

    Lori has represented the Littlestone companies, both Golf Course Management and, more intensely, Cemetery Management, for over a decade. She is also adept at resolving “ nuisance” claims efficiently and effectively. I recommend her services without reservation.

    - Ralph Little

  • Lori has been my go to counselor for all matters in HR law for the better part of a decade.

    She’s incredibly smart, always available in a time of need, and has proven her worth tenfold throughout that time. You won’t be disappointed if you’re looking to work with one of the best attorneys in South Florida.

    - Andy Yeager

  • In addition to being a wonderful human being, Lori is also a fantastic lawyer.

    Our offices are in the same building, so I run into her quite often. Every couple days or weeks, we'll end up talking employment law. Lori truly knows her stuff. Almost every time we talk employment law, I end up learning something new from her. Not only is she incredibly ...

    - Jonathan Pollard,


    Pollard PLLC

  • Lori Adelson is the authority in Employment law.

    She is knowledgeable, prepared, and thoughtful. Her insight and expertise make her even more valuable. I know and trust in her and recommend HR Law PRO without hesitation.

    - Maxine Gomez ,

    President ,

    Dry Tech 24/7

  • Great job getting us through a very tough situation.

    About ten months ago my business partners and I hired Lori to help us get through a VERY tough situation. Lori was spot on. She knew the law better than the opposition and she meticulously paid close attention to the details. She negotiated extremely well and was instrumental in guiding ...

    - Valued Client

  • Lori Adelson – extremely knowledgeable, accessible and a pleasure to work with!

    As the owner of an 18 year old Internet company, I had the pleasure of working directly with Lori on several employee/HR issues. Lori was responsive, offered very good advice and put forth ideas which we, quite honestly, had never even considered. In addition, Lori was available even on weekends ...

    - Valued Client

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