Dynamic Solutions in Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution Services

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services, Including Mediation And Arbitration

Approved Dispute Resolution in Fort Lauderdale is a focused law firm that provides effective services to help parties with complex civil disputes find common ground and resolve civil disputes out of the courtroom. Utilizing the services and insight of a third-party neutral is an effective way to arrive at a meaningful solution that each of the parties retains more control over than would occur in costly litigation.

Our founding lawyer, Lori Adelson, has earned a reputation as an effective and innovative problem solver. We believe in helping people engage constructively in all phases of the conflict process and navigate conflict successfully, through mediation, arbitration, risk mitigation, and litigation avoidance solutions. Our founding attorney, Lori Adelson, is a conflict management professional providing mediation, facilitation, training, coaching, and consulting to individuals, organizations, and attorneys.

You do not want to go to court. No matter how much you want to fight your case, we can provide you with better solutions.

It will likely drag on much longer than you thought and will cost you more. We invite you to first contact Approved Dispute Resolution to resolve your complex disputes through the connections that civil communication can foster in the ADR process. We often settle cases within one day with agreements that both sides walk away from the table accepting. We work with your business to steer a clear path toward a beneficial resolution.

What Are Dispute Resolution Services?

Dispute resolution services is the process of settling disputes without going to court through effective conflict management. We have seen organizations lose a large piece of their annual operating budget to settle litigation in court. It hurts everyone and costs more than expected. It is rare that one party has the outcome they had hoped to achieve.

Mediation For Dispute Resolution

A negotiation is led by Approved Dispute Resolution, an outside and neutral third-party. This negotiation is done by an experienced litigator with a strong command in communication and handling conflict. The mediator ensures the negotiation stays on track with both parties consenting to an agreement. Having a mediator with vast experience helps with knowing the laws and different methods in negotiation to come to a resolution.

Arbitration For Dispute Resolution

More similar to a court function as opposing parties submit their position to a third-party arbitrator who makes a binding decision. This is still a dispute resolution instead of going to court through

Why Use Approved Dispute Resolution For Dispute Resolution Services?

Our goal is solution-orientated to help your business stay out of court and result in a beneficial resolution. We do this through our experience in bringing both parties to an agreement using our extensive conflict management skills, including:

  • Member of the International Council for Online Dispute Resolution ICODR
  • Member of Florida Academy of Professional Mediators FAPM
  • Florida Supreme Court Qualified and AAA Arbitrator
  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Circuit and Federal Court Certified Mediator
  • Certified for e-mitigation services
  • Early Neutral Evaluations
  • Two decades of successful litigation
  • Most cases settled in one day
  • Experience in multiple industries including hospitality, business, finance, manufacturing, and more
  • Experience in labor, employment, business, civil rights, consumer and contract disputes
  • Neutral fact-finder for in-house investigations

Arrange Your Consultation With A Third-Party Neutral

We are glad to consult with you regarding your situation and your needs. To talk with us in person about your dispute and how arbitration or mediation may benefit you,  send us an email or call our office in Fort Lauderdale at 954-302-8960.