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When can mediation be used to solve a labor dispute?

Both employers and employees can immensely benefit from a conflict-free workplace. To employers, a conflict-free workplace means higher productivity, low turnover and a positive organizational image. And to the employee, this means greater motivation and a sense of...

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Construction contracts can benefit from ADR clauses

Construction contracts are complex agreements that often concern multiple parties, including owners, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. Disputes can arise at any stage of the construction process, from design and planning to construction and completion. These...

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What is early neutral evaluation?

Early neutral evaluation (ENE) is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that involves the assessment of a legal dispute by a neutral third party early in the litigation process. The goal is to provide an unbiased evaluation of each party's strengths and...

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What to look for in a third-party neutral

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is quickly becoming the preferred way to settle disagreements between two or more parties. ADR can work well for most business conflicts, breaches of contract and employment disputes. As you may know, third-party neutrals or...

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What is a third-party neutral?

When many people think about trying to take legal steps to solve a dispute, they automatically think of litigation. As such, any attorneys or other legal professionals on their side are going to be working directly for them. These individuals are part of their team,...

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Arbitration agreements in nursing home contracts

A recent appellate court case and ruling addressed some issues commonly raised about arbitration agreements in nursing home contracts, so it’s worth looking at what the Illinois court had to say. The personal injury case involved an elderly woman who said that she...

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