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Getting ready for civil arbitration

Civil arbitration, an alternative dispute resolution process, offers a less formal setting than traditional court proceedings. However, its informal nature does not diminish its significance or the need for proper preparation and professionalism. Whether you're an...

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What are the potential benefits of binding arbitration?

Arbitration is an important alternative dispute resolution mechanism for resolving legal disputes outside of traditional court proceedings. Binding arbitration is a process in which parties agree to abide by the decision of an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators, with...

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Should you opt for binding or non-binding arbitration?

Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that allows parties to settle their disputes without going to court. In arbitration, a neutral third party listens to the arguments and evidence of both sides and makes a decision. The decision can be...

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Arbitration for employment matters

Employers have a duty to ensure they comply with all required laws related to employment. Employees have the right to take legal action to get what they’re due under the law.  Some companies use employment contracts to govern the relationship between the business and...

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How could a third-party neutral help with microaggressions?

In some cases, business owners will feel concerned that employees believe they’re being treated unfairly. Maybe the employee has complained about being discriminated against or harassed on the job. The owner of the company just wants to find a resolution as quickly as...

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Is an arbitrator a private judge?

Arbitration has been an alternative to litigation for decades. Some businesses even mandate arbitration for conflict resolution by including special clauses in their contracts. They include terms in customer or employee contracts that force parties to attempt...

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