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Employee Classification Compliance

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As an established workplace law firm, Approved Dispute Resolution has extensive experience advising and representing employers in a wide range of employee classification issues. More often than not, companies find themselves in trouble for violation of these laws because of minor decisions or simple oversight. Unfortunately, these types of errors can have expensive legal ramifications.

In fact, failure to comply with these laws can result in steep financial consequences, including fines, penalties and back pay, as well as costly litigation and class action lawsuits. At Approved Dispute Resolution, our attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of employee classification laws, including the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), as well as the various state laws that apply to these issues. At Approved Mediation, we work with companies of all sizes and scopes across the country, and we bring an unparalleled level of insight and expertise to your employee classification issues.

While our experienced attorneys are dedicated to providing you with exceptional litigation representation, as needed, at Approved Dispute Resolution, wage and hour defense attorney, we also take proactive measures to keep businesses compliant and help you avoid wage, hour and employee classification issues in the first place. We will work with you to understand your needs and goals so we can help you minimize your potential legal exposure and protect your best interests. From reviewing your employee classifications and evaluating the correctness of your employee compensations to designing employee policies that prevent off-the-clock work, we will work with you to create practical solutions that keep you compliant with all local, state and federal labor laws.

Employee classification issues can vary in complexity. Whether you are faced with a simple employee dispute or a difficult employee classification case, Approved Dispute Resolution is a powerful ally you can depend on for excellent counsel and aggressive representation. If you are faced with an employee classification issue, do not trust your case to just anyone. Approved Dispute Resolution is a workplace law firm, and our professionals have vast experience dealing with these complex employee issues.