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ADA Compliance In Broward, Miami, Miami-Dade Or Palm Beach

Legal Assistance With ADA Compliance And Related Matters

The work environment can be complex and there are many employment laws and regulations that influence the situation and the dynamics. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is one of them. The ACT contains various titles such as employment and public accommodation. That means ADA compliance could be of importance to your company, business, or organization. Approved Dispute Resolution can help you with ADA compliance in Broward, Miami, Miami-Dade or Palm Beach. Whether you want to foster a better work environment or if you are facing an accessibility claim, our employment law experts at Approved Dispute Resolution can help.

Individuals with disabilities often face barriers when it comes to employment, transport, accommodation, and public services. The Americans with Disabilities Act attempts to break down these barriers so that these individuals can have equal opportunities. Many people with disabilities are still able to work and contribute to society in a way that is beneficial to all. These include people with conditions such as deafness, blindness, intellectual impairment, dread disease, and epilepsy.

ADA compliance extends to private companies with 15 or more employees, institutions of government, and employment agencies. The ADA prohibits discrimination in matters related to employment and includes amongst others, recruitment, accessibility, advertising, leave, benefits, and work-related activities. The ADA contains various remedies such as reinstatement, back pay, restoration, court fees, and attorney fees.

ADA compliance can be difficult and costly.  Legal experts can assist with matters such as onsite inspections, tax benefits, pre-litigation, mediation, and compliance advice. For example, our team at Approved Dispute Resolution can advise regarding building alterations and they can also recommend appropriate architects and builders who have the required knowledge and experience. Whether you need to remove barriers creates by steps, staircases, parking bays, or restrooms, we have the experience and skills to offer the best solutions and options.

We will also advise you regarding special tax credits that are available to smaller companies and hospitality establishments.