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Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is often the ideal legal path for those involved in complex civil disputes, as well as for businesses and other entities facing litigation. When conducted properly, it preserves your time, resources, confidentiality and control, all while offering flexibility and room for creative solutions. The key to a successful ADR strategy is who you choose to serve as a third-party neutral, as well as and the alternative dispute resolution process in which you seek to resolve the dispute without costly, disruptive and time-consuming litigation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services Emphasizing Communication And Connection

The ultimate goal of any ADR process is a swift resolution based on collaborative methods, where both parties have a say in the outcome of their dispute. As a part of our practice, we strive to do everything possible to facilitate positive outcomes using neutral third parties, including through early neutral evaluation (ENE) and by acting as neutral fact finders.

At Approved Dispute Resolution, in Fort Lauderdale, our approach to serving as a mediator is among the best Florida has to offer. Our founder, dispute resolution specialist, attorney Lori Adelson, has a background as litigator and knows the rules of law. She draws on her knowledge of the friction points parties have, as well as legal precedent to help parties efficiently and effectively make the connections to find the common ground and resolve the core differences between the parties.

Ms. Adelson is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Circuit and Federal Court Certified mediator, Florida Supreme Court Qualified and AAA arbitrator, and neutral fact-finder in the areas of labor, employment, workplace, human resources, consumer, civil rights, public sector, business, and contract disputes. We build legal strategies based on the principles of effective communication, strong advocacy and ethical representation, and our firm is grounded in experience — fortified with a wide breadth of knowledge and resources.

Strategic Human Resources And Business Guidance For To Avoid Litigation Or Mitigate Damages

In addition to our ADR services, we also offer preemptive services through our where we work with businesses to develop corporate policies and strategies that stop issues before they arise. We are available for human resources departments and businesses when our clients need assistance for legal issues, without the need for a full-time in-house legal department. We have a flat fee legal subscription service for human resources issues that allow ongoing businesses access legal counsel, without having to worry about hidden costs.

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