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Workplace Law Training

No one wants to find themselves on the other side of the table during conflict resolution or worse, the defendant in a litigation case.

The best way to arm your company is with the right workplace law training for all levels of employees. Too many organizations just have an introductory harassment video that employees must watch during their initial orientation. But what about employees that have been with the organization for 10, 15, 20 years? Times have changed, and saying “but it’s always been that way” or “it never bothered anyone before” is going to put the burden on you.

Company-Wide Workplace Law Training

Workplace law training is required for every employee. Period. This is no way to get around it; you need documentation that the proper training has been done for every employee, from top executives to those just starting out. Every employee interacts with other employees, vendors, customers and more on your organization’s behalf. And every interaction opens your organization up to possible conflict.

Approved Dispute Resolution can customize your workplace law training so it fits your needs, recent concerns or anything you feel your employees require:

  • Equal employment opportunity (EEO)
  • Creating and respecting a diversity in the workplace
  • Proper internal investigations
  • Pay and wage complications
  • Worker duties disputes
  • Harassment and toxic work environment
  • Retention and rewards
  • Law-protected leaves of absences

Why Should Approved Dispute Resolution Conduct Workplace Law Training?

Having a specialized HR law firm provide workplace law training means you will have the right training, documentation, and auditable trail that your organization has done everything possible to provide a conflict-free workplace. We also stay on top of the different workplace law climates and recent cases to ensure your company has the most up-to-date law training possible.

Think of the recent changes in the interaction environment:

  • #Metoo movement
  • Political choices and beliefs
  • Views on health issues
  • News reliability
  • Cultural differences

What would happen if one of your employees berated a customer because of their political beliefs? What would your organization do if an employee went on social media in their company uniform demanding attention in a public arena? Not only do we conduct regularly scheduled training but we can also create special mitigation training for unexpected issues – remote working environments, teleconference standards, and more.

Our trainings are informative, interactive, interesting and at times, fun. We can come to your location, set up at a nearby location or over Zoom and Webex.

Case Study: Workplace Law Training

We were asked by a large organization to help with law training to executives that had trouble attending the company-mandated workplace law training. We found a way to construct the training so it focused on new changes in the workplace environment to validate value in training. We also went over the dangers of not training including common lawsuits:

  • Not meeting outlined salary or bonuses
  • Discrimination complaints including gender, sex, and race
  • Contractual obligations
  • Workplace injury
  • Non-salaried employee compensation
  • Harassment

Workplace law training is especially important for managers and executives. Any employee under them may feel they need to comply with unwanted harassment to keep their job. High-level employees may not realize how their actions affect their employees.

Workplace Law: Train The Trainer

We love working with human resources departments. We consider ourselves to be the tool in providing the workplace law compliance your company needs to mitigate risk in a litigious climate. We work with small companies of 10 employees to medium/large companies of 1,000. No matter what size company your organization is, you need a point of contact for any workplace complaints. We come in and work with your point of contact from a full-time trainer to the office manager. The goal is to protect your company from litigation, provide a productive and safe environment for your employees and maintain all compliance including EEO.

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