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Wrongful Termination In Fort Lauderdale

Maintain Thorough Employee Records

One of the most important steps your business can take to fight wrongful termination claims is to keep detailed records of an employee’s conduct. Review the employee’s conduct every few months, and keep an itemized list in the employee’s file of the areas they need to improve. Similarly, written records of misconduct should also be kept.

Publish Written Rules And Give Copies To Employees

Each employee should also receive a written list of rules and expectations in the workplace, and the consequences for any violations. Even if your business does not publish a 50-page handbook, providing written procedures to each employee will benefit your business if you can demonstrate that the employee had notice that a violation he or she committed would result in termination.

Take Any Decision To Terminate An Employee Seriously

It is a good idea to consult the human resources department in a business before firing an employee. Discussing the situation in detail with a third party will help you argue that there was no bias in your decision to terminate the employee.