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The professionals at Approved Dispute Resolution serve as a compassionate, impartial resource throughout Florida and nationwide to resolve a wide range of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) disciplines. These specific areas of expertise in the alternative dispute resolution processes include civil, contract, consumer, corporate, financial, trade, workplace and employment conflicts, class action and multi-party disputes, as a third-party neutral.

Our Core Services

Dispute Resolution

Effective conflict management as a third-party in mediation, arbitration, non-binding arbitration, employment dispute resolution, and early neutral case review


Binding and non-binding decisions, driven with an open-minded, innovative, strategic and meaningful process, to justly resolve complex civil disputes


Thoroughly engaging with disputing parties to find the connections and facilitate purposeful solutions — consistent with the mutual goals of the parties

A Rational Problem Solver Offering Dynamic Solutions

Conflict is disruptive for individuals, consumers, employees, employers, and businesses. At Approved Dispute Resolution in Fort Lauderdale, we focus on strategic, creative and innovative solutions to help parties resolve their disputes effectively and efficiently. Our problem solver, Lori Adelson, is a productive negotiator who serves as an effective third-party neutral in mediation, employment dispute resolution processes, as well as early neutral evaluation analysis.

Ms. Adelson fosters connections through communications between the parties, and attorneys, to identify the common ground and resolve complex, multiparty, multijurisdictional and international disputes in the areas of business, contracts, employment and labor law. As an arbitrator, she has earned respect for her unprejudiced, knowledgeable and legally sound approach to resolving conflict. Ms. Adelson is a panelist on The AAA National Roster of Arbitrators and Mediators. She is also a member of the national academy of distinguished neutrals.

Photo of Lori G. Adelson

Workplace Law Guidance For A Harmonious Workplace

Approved Dispute Resolution – is a proactive resource for businesses throughout Florida that helps organizations build a harmonious workplace and avoid disruptive employment litigation. We provide knowledgeable and strategic advice, training, compliance and human resources guidance to allow businesses to focus on operations with the peace of mind that human resources, employment law and labor law issues are factored into the business plan. Our overall services include employee training, workplace law compliance analysis and advice that is grounded in innovative solutions for the obstacles Florida businesses face.

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What Our Clients Say

Brilliant And Compassionate

I highly recommend Lori for any labor and employment disputes and resolutions. She is knowledgeable and caring. She was able to advise and represent our company with cost effective labor, employment, and business legal needs. Do not hesitate to call her.

- Valued Client

Lori Is A Great Mediator

She helped me resolve a case where all the parties and the lawyers were being as difficult as it can be. She dealt with all of us patiently and professionally and kept control at all times. We were able to resolve the case because of her. I highly recommend her.

- Valued Client

Proper Attention To HR And Regulatory Matters

Lori has been instrumental in helping us grow with proper attention to HR and regulatory matters. She is also adept at resolving “nuisance” claims efficiently and effectively. I recommend her services without reservation.

- Valued Client

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