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Start Defending Against Wage And Hour Lawsuits Before They’re Filed

If you own a business that employs people, chances are you will someday be hit with a wage and hour claim by an employee or former employee. It’s not necessarily because people are mean-spirited or greedy – it’s simply very easy for an employee, especially one whose relationship with their job has soured, to convince themselves that they’ve been wronged. After all, many employees have a “David and Goliath” attitude towards their employers – you have all the money and power, and they have none.

Defending against these claims is more complicated than other legal problems. In fact, the best way to defend against such wage and hour claims is to start defending against them before they even begin.

Step One: Hire An Employment Law Attorney In Ft. Lauderdale

Your first step is to consult with an experienced and qualified employment law attorney in Ft. Lauderdale so you can fully understand the policies and the law that you are required to follow. The worst mistake you can make is violating the law unwittingly. A qualified attorney can help you set up the policies and record-keeping that establishes your good faith and builds a defense against wage and hour claims long before it becomes necessary.

Step Two: Keep Records

Your next step is to ensure that you have very accurate records of all employee compensation, including

  • all hours worked
  • lunch hours and other breaks
  • vacation days
  • sick days
  • holidays

This information won’t necessarily stop employees from filing claims, but it will be crucial to your defense against them. Your employment law attorney in Ft. Lauderdale will assist you in investigating the facts of any claim, and establish your good faith and your compliance with all laws.