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Our firm, Approved Dispute Resolution, is an employment law and dispute resolution resource for businesses in all areas of Broward County, Florida. For many people around the country, living in this place that we call home would be a dream come true. In a real sense, you have eternal summer, and the environment is alive, colorful, and uplifting year around. Individual residents can enjoy a very high quality of life, but Broward County is also a hotbed for businesses. When you combine individual communities like Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach and Hollywood, you come up with a very significant population figure. According to the last census that was conducted, there are nearly 2,000,000 people residing in Broward County. Businesses have this huge demographic to work with, and Florida laws are favorable to commerce, so there are countless employers in the area.

Companies that have employees are often going to be faced with legal actions that are initiated by staff members. There can be wrongful termination complaints, workers compensation claims, contentions of discrimination, hrassment, or retaliation, disability matters, ADA compliance issues, and many other types of disputes. Litigation can be extremely costly for all concerned, so an effective mediator may be able to facilitate a solution that is agreeable to all interested parties. We provide dispute mediation services for Broward County businesses, and our dispute resolution rate is extremely high. Our firm has considerable experience and expertise in this area, and we have saved our clients a great deal of time and money over the years that we have been providing mediation services in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, and other parts of Broward County.

It is always best to engage a mediator to make an effort to find some common ground before the courts get involved, but sometimes conflict resolution efforts fail to bear fruit. When these circumstances exist, we can spring into action as staunch advocates in the courtroom. We have represented employers of all kinds, from small business owners to large companies to public entities. Our firm will do everything possible to obtain a favorable outcome for you if you are looking for a Broward County conflict resolution attorney to advocate your interests.

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