Workplace Law Compliance

We work with you to ensure your company is protected and up to current standards on workplace compliance.

HR law compliance protects your organization to meet all local, state, and federal workplace laws and regulations. When you have the confidence and documentation that your organization has been actively enforcing complete workplace and human resource law compliance, you have the mechanisms in place that keeps your company out of a conflict.

Human Resources has evolved from recruiting talent and providing benefits to managing and enforcing workplace law compliance. Workplace law compliance provides a shield to both employees and your organization that all process and procedures have been established and agreed by both parties.

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The main advantage of workplace and human resources law compliance from Approved Dispute Resolution – HR Law PRO Compliance is that we are solution-oriented to stay out of court. This means constant proactive workplace law diligence. With the right compliance, conflict resolution can be completed in one day or less.

The right Human Resource Law Compliance firm will create the framework and law compliance program and documentation to provide both your company and employees the peace of mind that their rights are protected. Having a full program with ready documentation and training provides an even field with the “rules” at everyone’s reach.

As workplace law is constantly changing, you need to ensure that your company is up to date for your protection. We can tell you how other firms have suffered workplace litigation and how you can ensure your own compliance and stay out of court.

Workplace Law Compliance

Case Study:

Workplace Law Compliance Services

A hospitality organization came to HR Law PRO looking for representation in an employee workplace harassment case. Approved Dispute ResolutionSM – HR Law PRO completed an audit on harassment trainings, harassment complaint procedures and the paper trail of the actual claim in this case.

Approved Dispute Resolution – HR Law PRO was able to show the organization had operated in proper accordance including trainings and confidential and non-confidential options to register complaints. A one-day conflict resolution resulted in a mutual agreement to employee transfer and future harassment awareness training for management personnel, and it saved the company thousands of dollars.


Workplace Law Compliance FAQs

What is Workplace Law?

The area of practice known as workplace law (or employment law) covers the rights, obligations, and responsibilities within the employer-employee relationship-from wages and workplace safety to discrimination and sexual harassment.

What is At-Will employment?

Florida is an at-will employment state. At will employment is a type of employment relationship in which there is no contractual agreement and either party may end the employment relationship at any time, for any reason (unless it violates labor laws) or for no reason at all.

What is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)?

As an employer you are legally obligated to pay employees in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and abide by other federal, state and local wage and hour laws.

Are all employers covered by Workplace Laws?

It is important to note that employers with less than a certain number of employees (depending on the state and law; for example, the Family and Medical Leave Act covers only applies to businesses with 50 or more employees) may not bound by certain employment laws. Ask Approved Dispute Resolution – HR Law PRO how we can assist?

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