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Finding an affordable and reliable attorney-mediator for conflict resolution or mediation in Hollywood, can be challenging if you do not know who to turn to.

At Approved Dispute Resolution, we let our reputation speak for us!

With over 20 years of experience working with hostile and litigious parties, our experienced mediator attorneys are prepared to take on nearly any state/federal mediation case to help you avoid costly employment litigation. Mediation services include but are not limited to workplace claims, such as employment law, discrimination, civil rights, labor law, and business dispute cases. Contact us today to schedule mediation.


Conflict Resolution In Hollywood

At Approved Dispute Resolution, we have the knowledge and experience to handle a multitude of conflict resolution cases, regardless of the size of the business or legal experience. You do not want to go to court. No matter how much you want to fight your case, we can provide you with better solutions.

With a team of experienced mediation and arbitration professionals in our corner, we understand the complexities of conflict resolution and work diligently to find agreeable solutions without the need for costly employment litigation.

Mediator In Hollywood

Workplace claims that result in employment litigation cost you time, money, and heartache. We are here to provide you will successful and ideal mediation without the need for litigation, here is how:

  • Mediation – We aid in conflict resolution through mediation services that help you come to an agreeable solution. 
  • Arbitration – Our experienced arbitrators carefully examine the facts to come to a legally binding arbitrary decision.
  • Settlement negotiations – We act as a neutral third party that enables you to settle conflicts outside of court.
  • Neutral fact-finding – With fine attention to detail we help you uncover the facts to peel back the layers of complex workplace claims.
  • Legal guidance – Using our vast experience in workplace state and federal law, we offer our professional guidance when it comes to complex workplace issues.

Mediation In Hollywood, Florida

Seated on the majestic beaches of Florida, Hollywood is a tropical paradise that draws in year-round tourists with its warm weather and scenic views. But more than a great place to visit, Hollywood is a fantastic place to live and work. This town is listed amongst the best places to live in the state. From shops, highly-rated dining, and natural charms such as the Arts Park at Young Circle; there is something for everyone in Hollywood.

At Approved Dispute Resolution, we have extensive experience providing professional mediation in Hollywood. Led by Lori Adelson, Esq., our team of experienced mediators has decades of combined experience offering workplace mediation and conflict resolution to avoid employment litigation for businesses and institutions throughout the area.

No matter what your business or trade, we are here to alleviate the burden of complex workplace claims, and help you come to agreeable solutions. Contact us today to chat with a skilled employer defense lawyer about your mediation needs!