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Top 10 ADA Compliance Violations in Boca Raton, Broward, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, FL, and Miami

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2022 | Human Resources And Workplace Compliance

If you own a business and/or facility then you have a legal obligation to uphold ADA standards. While ADA compliance may seem like a simple concept, many facilities have one or more of these common ADA violations:

  1. Stairs – Violations relating to stairs are a common error that businesses may make. From missing striping to lack of signage and more, stairs need to be ADA compliant.
  2. Restrooms – All restrooms should be built with accessible stall dimensions, grab bars, and fixtures.
  3. Parking Spaces – Parking spaces need to be a specific slope and dimension to ensure optimal accessibility.
  4. Egress Signs – Signs require tactile or braille to accommodate all clients. Common errors include missing or incorrect signage.
  5. Counters – Oftentimes building/businesses violate ADA counter requirements related to height & width.
  6. Parking Signs – Amongst the most common ADA errors include non-reflective, faded, and/or missing parking signage to indicate handicap parking.
  7. Accessibility Routes – All accessibility routes need to have detectable warnings, specific dimensions, and meet slope requirements.
  8. Swimming Pools – All public swimming pools need wheelchair lifts to accommodate individuals with limited mobility.
  9. Ramps – Wheelchair ramps need to comply with length and slope ADA requirements. They also need to have handrails for maximum safety.
  10. Doors – Doors need to be a certain width to accommodate individuals in wheelchairs. They also need functional kick-plates.

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