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Do you think your business dispute may be headed for litigation?

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2023 | Alternative Dispute Resolution

When business disputes arise, it is vital to act swiftly and carefully. If the matter goes unresolved, it will likely worsen and could open the door to expensive litigation.

Resolving a dispute as quickly as possible can help you avoid a costly legal battle that could disrupt or compromise your operations. If you are involved in a business disagreement, now may be the right time to learn more about your options for resolving the matter.

Can you predict litigation?

You can’t always, as both sides to a disagreement generally want to avoid going to court. To help you identify the possibility of litigation, look for these indicators:

  • Communication between you and the other party has stalled or become hostile.
  • Informal discussions and negotiations never seem to progress or produce any positive results.
  • You or the other party has already introduced the possibility of filing a lawsuit to resolve the dispute.

While the signs above do not necessarily mean litigation is imminent, they could indicate that the matter is a good candidate for alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Often, mediation or arbitration overseen by an experienced third-party neutral can head off a business lawsuit before it has a chance to gain traction.

What are the benefits of ADR?

There are many potential advantages associated with using ADR for your business disputes. Examples include the following:

  • It’s often less expensive than litigation
  • It may provide a faster solution
  • It offers more potential privacy for all parties
  • It may improve negotiations

Since many Florida companies still want to preserve business relationships despite their disagreements, ADR may allow you and the other party to continue working together once you resolve the matter.