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3 ways a neutral third party can help resolve business conflicts

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2023 | Mediation

A pair of coworkers or executives from two businesses that have arranged to cooperate may find themselves embroiled in a dispute, and their disagreements may lead to business challenges. Whether there is an interpersonal conflict at the office or a disagreement about what a contract actually requires from both parties, it can be quite challenging for those currently disagreeing about a situation to resolve it amicably.

Such disputes often go to court, but litigation isn’t mandatory. One of the many possible solutions for organizational or interpersonal conflict requires the support of a neutral third party. Both arbitration and mediation are conflict resolution options that require the cooperation of both parties involved in the conflict and another outside party.

How can involving someone else in a business dispute lead to an effective resolution?

A third party can help to circumvent egocentrism

According to the experts working for Harvard Law School, the tendency to solely focus on one’s own experience and perspective contributes a lot to major disputes between business partners, coworkers and other parties. Those currently disagreeing with one another may find it difficult to view the situation from the other’s perspective, making compromise almost impossible. A neutral third party can help adjust the perspectives of both sides of the dispute to help everyone see a viable compromise.

A third party can help to keep things calmer

Even disagreements about the terms of a contract can become an emotional matter if the issue persists for too long. Those embroiled in the dispute may become invested in securing vindication or seeming correct to the other party and anyone else aware of the disagreement. The involvement of a neutral third party can help defuse potentially emotional situations and keep the focus on the need for practical solutions.

A third party can help explore the issue at hand

Those already embroiled in a conflict may believe they have a thorough understanding of the situation, when in reality they may have a very limited perspective on the matter. They have an overly restrictive idea about how to resolve a conflict, but the fresh eyes of a neutral party could help them recognize that there are many viable ways to resolve the issue. The questions asked by an arbitrator or mediator could open up completely new ways to view the situation and might lead to either party recognizing that there is a completely different solution than anything they have considered previously.

Understanding how working with an arbitrator or mediator could help resolve professional conflicts might inspire those currently embroiled in a dispute to explore alternative means of resolving their disagreement.