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Benefits Of Mediation And Conciliation Florida

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2023 | Firm News

The Differences And Benefits Of Mediation And Conciliation In Florida

Mediation and conciliation are two similar dispute resolution methods that sometimes confuse people.

Mediation is a way for individuals who are having a dispute to discuss their issues and concerns and to settle on conclusions about the dispute with the assistance of a mediator. In mediation, the parties can attempt to find arrangements that satisfy both parties in the dispute.

Like mediation, conciliation is a voluntary and interest-based process. The parties resolve their dispute with the assistance of a conciliator, a neutral third party. The process is much more flexible than litigating in court, permitting parties to select the time and structure of the conciliation proceedings. However, unlike working with a mediator, conciliators provide each side with their insight and opinion, suggest possible solutions to the parties, and weigh in on the potential costs associated with failing to reach an agreement.

Top 3 Benefits Of Mediation

1. Avoid Court

Parties that use mediation typically do not go to court. The mediator will prepare all of the necessary paperwork at the end of the case and file it with the court.

2. Faster Agreements

Litigated cases can last for several years. Mediations are frequently concluded in as little as a couple of months or less.

3. Reduced Cost

Traditional litigation is often very expensive. Prosecution clients who lose are frequently expected to pay the other party’s lawyer charges as well. Mediation costs undeniably less in light of the fact that the emphasis is on seeking a positive resolution and not “defeating” the opposite side.

Top 3 Benefits Of Conciliation

1. Party Autonomy

The parties can pick the timing, language, structure, and content of the conciliation proceedings.

2. Expertise Of The Decision Maker

The parties are allowed to choose their conciliator.

3. Time And Cost Efficient

Because of the casual and adaptable nature of conciliation proceedings, they can be led in a time and cost-efficient manner.

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