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How to Prepare for Mediation in Florida

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2023 | Firm News

5 Steps To Prepare For Mediation

1. Manage Expectations

Mediation can be really difficult for clients to comprehend, particularly for individuals who have never experienced it. Many individuals picture TV court dramatizations and do not understand the actual process of mediation. However, two of the more significant expectations to address are those concerning what the results of the mediation may be and what conduct to anticipate from the mediator. When searching for a mediator for your dispute or conflict, simply ask what you can expect from the process. You cannot know the outcome beforehand, but having confidence in knowing the process can give you some peace of mind.

2. Manage Emotions

Mediation is can be a stressful negotiation process for many individuals. When tensions rise, however reasonable or not, it can cloud your judgment. Mediation is not the right place for exchanging harmful words but is meant to settle the disagreement amicably. Enter the mediation cool, calm, and focused. “Check your feelings at the door” and work with your mediator to discuss the situation instead of emotions.

3. Negotiation, Not Confrontation

What is done is done and it cannot be changed. Arguing over the dispute at hand is something that you have done previously, and it does not work. Negotiating is key and has worked well for countless individuals before you. Along with your mediator, you can form a strategy to achieve what you are searching for, within reason and within the scope of what is possible.

4. Set Reasonable Goals

Think about what you really need to resolve the case or dispute, not just your wants, and be flexible because you may get new information at the mediation that could change your mind. Set realistic and reasonable goals to guide you in your decision-making. sometimes it helps individuals to write the issues down, organize them by importance, and review them. This helps you to think about which issues are the most important and which issues are least important.

5. Know Your Rights And Obligations

Go to more than one consultation, read articles, and ask questions from seasoned professionals. Try not to go through the course of mediation before you know the terms, the implications, and the ramifications. It will give you a more clear image of what your choices are, and how every choice affects you. Speak with an experienced attorney mediator and you can rest assured that you have prepared sufficiently for mediation.

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