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Potential reasons for business partner disputes

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2023 | Alternative Dispute Resolution

A business partnership works most smoothly when both people are on the same page. When they have complementary skills and work together seamlessly, the company can thrive.

However, partnerships often run into disputes. Some are relatively minor and can be resolved quickly. But others are far more serious and may require working with a third-party neutral or other action to find a solution. Below are a few reasons why these disputes can occur.

Different values

In some situations, business partners have different values, and this means that they also have different goals. One person may value providing the best customer experience, for instance, while the other values making as much money as possible. Both people may feel that they are working against their business partner as they seek these goals. 

Financial issues

Disputes often revolve around financial problems. Maybe the company isn’t doing well and the partners blame each other. Maybe one person feels that they invest more time and money in the business than their partner. Or perhaps there are disputes about salaries and earnings.

Boundaries and rules

Finally, business partners need to define the boundaries of their relationships and the roles that they’re going to have within the company. In some cases, there can be overlap or disputes regarding who gets to make decisions and what roles and responsibilities each person really has.

Regardless of why these disputes begin, finding a solution is critical for the long-term health of the business. Those involved need to be aware of the legal options at their disposal, which may include using a third-party neutral.