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Is a third party neutral the right choice for a business dispute?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2024 | Alternative Dispute Resolution

When a legal dispute arises, the first thing that many people do is hire a lawyer or attorney to represent their issues and counter any legal advancements for others. A lawyer or attorney often dedicates their time to building a case for their client and advising them on legal decisions. However, litigation isn’t always preferable, especially when legal action might strain the relationship between two people in a business. 

There are a lot of reasons a dispute might happen in a business. There could be an interpersonal issue between executives or the interpretation of a contract may be misconstrued. Conflicts like these must seek some kind of resolution so that a business can return to its operations uninterrupted. One way this can be done is by trying an alternative dispute resolution. 

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can resolve an issue and seek a resolution that works in favor of both parties with the help of a mediator or arbitrator as a third-party neutral. Here’s what you should know about third-party neutrals:

What does a third-party neutral seek out?

A third-party neutral does not seek to win a case by taking one side of a conflict. Instead, as a third-party neutral, a mediator or arbitrator takes both sides of a conflict in hopes of finding a solution. This is often done by understanding the narrative from both parties, learning how a conflict started and creating a legal alternative.

One of the reasons why businesses seek ADR is because litigation can quickly become expensive and time-consuming. Litigation may not guarantee that a party will win a case. Furthermore, when it comes to a business dispute, ADR can help maintain business relations by resolving a legal conflict without the need to complicate the matter in court. 

Alternative dispute resolution can be a stress-free, cost-effective legal option to resolve a business dispute. By reaching out for legal help, you can learn about more of your options to resolve a business dispute.