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Using mediation and arbitration for Florida HOA disputes

Many Floridians – as well as millions of other Americans – are bound by rules set by a homeowners’ association (HOA). It can often feel like we’re at the mercy of our HOA, which can control things as seemingly insignificant as how long we can leave our holiday...

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Benefits Of Mediation And Conciliation Florida

The Differences And Benefits Of Mediation And Conciliation In Florida Mediation and conciliation are two similar dispute resolution methods that sometimes confuse people. Mediation is a way for individuals who are having a dispute to discuss their issues and concerns...

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How to Prepare for Mediation in Florida

5 Steps To Prepare For Mediation 1. Manage Expectations Mediation can be really difficult for clients to comprehend, particularly for individuals who have never experienced it. Many individuals picture TV court dramatizations and do not understand the actual process...

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Could ADR protect your company’s reputation?

Consumers want value and quality, but they also care about ethics and may choose not to patronize companies with a poor reputation. A tarnished reputation can also impact relationships with suppliers and other business associates. Unfortunately, disputes may arise no...

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What you need to know about third-party neutrals

Litigation is typically people’s first choice when seeking to solve a business dispute. A business may hire an attorney or legal professional to represent them and their issues. The purpose is to have a team of people dedicated to opposing the other person's legal...

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If you hire a third-party neutral, do they represent you? 

In some cases, a dispute arises that two people cannot resolve on their own. This could happen in business, for example, when two business partners can’t come to an agreement and their business partnership contract doesn’t specify what happens next. They are worried...

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